The first Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory (RS/GIS) Lab was established in 1990 as teaching and research lab with specific mandate of geospatial technology applications. Over the years, the laboratory’s mandate has been expanded to include extension work and consulting services.
The RS/GIS Laboratory is located within the Department of Geography & Resource Development at Legon campus.  The main RS/GIS Lab is a well-furnished computer laboratory designed for training and assisting students.

The lab is well equipped with software to help in the analysis and display of spatial information. Researchers also use the lab for compiling spatial and attribute data, interpreting geologic and geophysical data, and producing publication-quality maps and figures.
The GIS Lab also provides Global Positioning Systems (GPS) receivers to students for use in research and project works.The laboratories offer training in Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing applications and data mining from the undergraduate to Ph.D levels. The lab has a strong research agenda and it is pushing to implement new and innovative teaching and research in geospatial technology. 

Main expertise include the application of geospatial technologies in environmental management, Geospatial database and data warehouse, geospatial data modeling, spatial intelligence, land use and land cover management, agricultural, food security and environmental resource management, soil and vegetation, climate and climate change risk management, urban and built environment, crime analysis and general geospatial intelligence. 

In addition, the RS/GIS Laboratory provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, image processing resources for students and researchers within the university community and general public.

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